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Kernel problems


I've just installed the base system on my new Alpha (a PC164).  It works
fine, except that the `ifconfig eth0' line makes the system lock up

I've got a DE450 which is being recognised with no problems.  If I don't
configure it, the system goes on OK, but I can't download more packages
<wry smile>.

Tomorrow I'll try the pc164-2031-test.gz kernel from gatekeeper.
Unfortunately, although he put the .config file up there, Pasi didn't
indicate on his website which sources were used for the kernel build; I
suspect this pc164 one may never have been tested - is that so?

My first inclination was to post to axp-list, but I quickly realised this
would give Debian/Alpha a bad reputation before we've even released
(kernels which don't work, not tested, dodgey patches ... you know what
people are like).  If the new kernel fixes the DE450 problem, we can
quietly sort out our problem; if not, I'll post to axp-list, blaming their
kernel :-).

(I wouldn't normally use pre-compiled kernels, but until I have a working
development system ...)

Just one thing, though: how incompatible is the mainstream alpha-kernel
with glibc2 &c?  Maybe I'd be best compiling a fresh kernel with Nikita's
patchset ASAP.



Nikhil Nair
Trinity College, Cambridge, England
Tel.: +44 1223 368353
Email: nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk

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