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Re: util-linux, kernel and bootup

On Thursday, 25 Sep, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > The switch from clock to hwclock requires appropriate change in
> > /etc/init.d/boot file (package sysvinit).  Guy has already filed this as
> > a bug against sysvinit, but until it is dealt with we must keep that in
> > mind when building sysvinit, boot disks and base.tgz.
> This is Pasi's department.  Is the change documented in the READMEs in the
> source?  If not, please fill me in so I can make the appropriate changes
> on my system when the time comes.

See the discussion on bug no. 13290.  Briefly, the change is to replace
current clock invocation with

hwclock --adjust $GMT
hwclock --set $GMT

where GMT may be set to --utc.  No ARC weirdness anymore.
(I just recollected that we would also need /dev/rtc on root disk and base.)

> > I have put together my suggestions about the patch set to be used for the
> > kernels, see ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/kernel/ap-2.0.30.diff.gz.
> Ah, great.  Has all of this stuff been fixed in the development kernels
> yet?  If so, this may be the appropriate time to switch over.

Hopefully most of these fixes are irrelevant to 2.1.x.  There is some
stuff though which hasn't been submitted for inclusion into 2.1 yet.

> Eventually, though, this [em86] will be an issue, so I've
> been trying to keep up with his [Jim's] changes at least enough to know
> what is going on :)

We'll eventually produce a Debian package for em86.  As for now...  Em86
does not actually require any kernel patches; it is just fancier to have
them.  I mean that those who want em86 can hopefully upgrade the em86
engine staying with the old kernel (with em86 patches from v0.1).


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