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util-linux, kernel and bootup


As util-linux-2.7.1 has recently been packaged by the original
maintainer, hwclock has become the official way to talk to the CMOS
clock.  If somebody is going to port 2.7.1 to alpha (it's a pity that
I'm bloody busy at the moment and can't do that myself), please take
into account ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/hwclock/hwclock.diff.  Note
that this patch has already been submitted to the upstream authors, but
not to the Debian maintainer - if you send your port diffs to Guy, tell
him not to propagate hwclock diffs upstream.

The switch from clock to hwclock requires appropriate change in
/etc/init.d/boot file (package sysvinit).  Guy has already filed this as
a bug against sysvinit, but until it is dealt with we must keep that in
mind when building sysvinit, boot disks and base.tgz.

Remember that a kernel with working RTC driver is required for hwclock
to work on Alphas.

I have put together my suggestions about the patch set to be used for the
kernels, see ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/kernel/ap-2.0.30.diff.gz.  The
set, now just a single diff file, includes:
- pre-patch-9 for 2.0.30 from ftp.kernel.org;
- glibc2-aware version of alpha-patches-2.0.30-0.1 from gatekeeper (some
  glibc incompatibilities may still remain);
- assorted fixes.

Although there is version 0.2 of alpha-patches, it is Jim Paradis'
release, which is mostly concerned about em86 improvements.  As I don't
have time to strip glibc1 idiosyncrasies from this new version, my
patchset is based on 0.1.  I hope it's OK.


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