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Urgent: where to find things?


I'll need to do a Debian installation on a 366MHz 21164 this week.  I've
got thee MILO HOWTO, but could do with a few pointers:

I know that some packages, rather than being on Master, are on various
other sites - Pasi's, Nikita's, Chris's and Mike's, IIRC - but I could do
with some basic guidance as to what to get from where ...

In particular, where are Debian/Alpha installation instructions?  I'd
rather install without going via RedHat, if that's possible.

I saw a recent discussion about kernels - some patches we don't neeed
because we're using glibc2 rather than glibc1.  Has someone (Nikita?) put
together Debian-specific kernel images, to be used in place of those on
gatekeeper?  If so, do I need a custom MILO too?



Nikhil Nair
Trinity College, Cambridge, England
Tel.: +44 1223 368353
Email: nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk

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