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Re: Bug reports, patches and other stuff

On Sat, 13 Sep 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> As I expected, just a plain rebuild of modutils_2.1.42-1 gave me
> perfectly working insmod (and I hope other utilities as well).

Hmm...I noticed that you ftp'ed a copy of these to me, so I'll try them on
my system.  I've got so much crap on mine that I may end up reinstalling
soon to see what problems I run into that I may have forgotten about
earlier.  But, I'd like to see if that version of modutils works for me
before I do that.

> Yes, I did.  I did not manage to sign my PGP key, though - I doubt that
> I can find a Debian maintainer here in Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

Yeah, that may be a tough one.  Have you checked the list or xearth file
regarding that yet?

> Yes, and even if SMP was supported, the probability of a device access
> conflict would still be _extremely_ low.  But anyway, it would be nice
> to keep the same approach from the very beginning to avoid all sorts of
> problems of switching from clock to hwclock etc...  I hope Debian will
> not use util-linux-2.5 forever, so the switch is inevitable.  Unlike the
> i386 port, we have a chance to avoid it.

Again, very true.  Also, there is someone actively working on SMP-Alpha
now, so we should deal with this soon before they finish their work.

> Neither have I.  I did not re-subscribe to it when I came back because
> of the high volume.  I don't think they are going to stabilise - they
> are only in their late 50's...

Yeah, considering how they practically rewrote the whole file system
stuff, it may be awhile longer than I expected as well.  I watch the
newsgroups about that and still see tons of fs-related bugs and problems.

> I think we can and should be ready to accept both.  Linux is often used
> in dual boot environments, either with NT or DU.

True.  I don't see alot of DU on the lower-end Alphas, but it appears that
the 433+MHz models are being used for FP operations, which DU is the best
at.  So, you're correct, we should be ready for either.

> This idea (epochs) was silently approved in axp-kernel-list.  Nobody
> objected, nobody agreed.

Hehehe...sounds familiar.  Then again, when they start seeing it, you know
how vocal everyone will get :)


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