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Re: Bug reports, patches and other stuff

On 12 Sep 1997, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> I may go ahead and debianise that version for us at least.  I'm sure the
> maintainer won't be far behind anyway and we can move over to his
> afterwards.  I'll look into this probably this weekend, time allowing.

It's a terrible lot of work.

> goes.  If you try with 2.8.1 binutils and it works for you, let me know
> what you did and I'll see if it works for me and maybe write something on
> it for others who may be in the dark :)

As I expected, just a plain rebuild of modutils_2.1.42-1 gave me
perfectly working insmod (and I hope other utilities as well).

> Did you submit your e-mail to new-maintainer?  I know that the new
> maintainer person is REALLY backed up right now.  The only reason I was
> expedited was because of the sheer volume of work that I have waiting to
> upload.

Yes, I did.  I did not manage to sign my PGP key, though - I doubt that
I can find a Debian maintainer here in Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

> You bring up good points regarding this...especially the SMP part (I
> expect to see more SMP Alphas out soon), but since SMP really isn't
> technically supported under Alpha yet, that alone wasn't a terribly vital
> problem.

Yes, and even if SMP was supported, the probability of a device access
conflict would still be _extremely_ low.  But anyway, it would be nice
to keep the same approach from the very beginning to avoid all sorts of
problems of switching from clock to hwclock etc...  I hope Debian will
not use util-linux-2.5 forever, so the switch is inevitable.  Unlike the
i386 port, we have a chance to avoid it.

> Do we have a time-table for the next stable kernel yet (2.2.x)??  I
> haven't seen the kernel list since I've gotten back, so I don't know how
> far they are from completion.

Neither have I.  I did not re-subscribe to it when I came back because
of the high volume.  I don't think they are going to stabilise - they
are only in their late 50's...

> Hehehehe...unfortunately, that will probably persist.  I doubt that
> Digital will change to MS's ideas and vice versa.  As far as Linux goes,
> at least we can adopt to one or the other.

I think we can and should be ready to accept both.  Linux is often used
in dual boot environments, either with NT or DU.

> Yeah, that would be bad.  This is probably best brought up in debian-devel
> or even the kernel list since they may be able to offer better suggestions
> than I could.  I never really had to deal with alot of that stuff, but
> probably could get more into it if need be.

This idea (epochs) was silently approved in axp-kernel-list.  Nobody
objected, nobody agreed.


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