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Re: Alpha and modules ? (fwd)

On Sep 12, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> What do you mean?  Do you mean upgrade TO some RedHat stuff or upgrade
> EXISTING RedHat stuff?  I'm kinda confused (not a new experience for me,
> believe me).

Of course, I meant upgrading existing stuff, like binutils, modules,

> > Well, almost perfectly: some symbols
> > are not defined in ksyms.c and nfs does not start correctly when built
> > as a module.
> I've heard this.  Supposedly, this will/has been fixed in the development
> kernels.

Anyway, adding symbols is easy.  The only thing I haven't understood yet
is why modules which work on an i386 show unresolved symbols on Alpha
(strange because ksyms are mostly architecture independent).

> > However, the 2.0.x kernels need a patch to get rid of annoying
> > <sc347 (0,0,0)> messages.  This patch is now part of Jay's
> > alpha-patches.
> I'll look at these too.  Since I haven't had modules working yet, I'm
> clueless as to when those messages pop up.

It is not an issue for you if you're hacking the development kernels.
Of course, when I was talking about working modules, I meant, umm,
"stable" ones only.


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