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Re: Alpha and modules ? (fwd)

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> I have had modules working perfectly under Linux/Alpha since about
> January, the only thing to do was to upgrade some RedHat stuff that
> they don't dare to touch...

What do you mean?  Do you mean upgrade TO some RedHat stuff or upgrade
EXISTING RedHat stuff?  I'm kinda confused (not a new experience for me,
believe me).

> Well, almost perfectly: some symbols
> are not defined in ksyms.c and nfs does not start correctly when built
> as a module.

I've heard this.  Supposedly, this will/has been fixed in the development

> The only problem with Debian/Alpha in its current state is insmod,
> probably it was built with wrong binutils (current binutils are quite
> OK, however).  When I replaced it with the one I used under
> hand-upgraded RedHat system, the modules _immediately_ started working,
> with autoload and all the fun.

I'll look into this.  I wouldn't doubt that this is the problem.  I'm
dying to get modules working since it's something that helps out my
building of the PCMCIA package.  Plus, I want to start debugging the IPX
support, but can't until I can modularise it kernel-wise (long story).

> However, the 2.0.x kernels need a patch to get rid of annoying
> <sc347 (0,0,0)> messages.  This patch is now part of Jay's
> alpha-patches.

I'll look at these too.  Since I haven't had modules working yet, I'm
clueless as to when those messages pop up.


Oh, btw, I'm back from the Great White North :P  Hi all :)

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