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Re: Alpha and modules ? (fwd)


Is this an opportunity to advocate Debian?  Presumably, we're using a
new enough binutils to let modules work?  Or are we? ...



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On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Ronny Ranerup wrote:

> >I've had working modules since I was using something around linux 2.1.24.
> I found the reference I was thinking about in a previous mail.
> Page 60 in the RedHat 4.2 manual:
> Only RedHat/Linux/Intel and RedHat/Linux/SPARC support modular kernels;
> RedHat Linux/Alpha users must build a monolithic kernel.
> I wonder what they mean, since it seems to work? Not that I use modules

Yep, it's true RedHat doesn't support modules. That means you can't get
modules working with the RedHat distribution as is (currently anyway).

As I have understood it, this is because they are afraid of upgrading
the binutils used in RedHat due to some library incompability issue.
I have not had any problem with my newer binutils package though, so I
don't really understand RedHat's point here.

> myself. They make more troubles than they solve, IMHO.

Well, in my case I started using modules when I got a soundcard which was
only supported in module form. That is the driver is a separate package,
not in the Linux kernel source tree.


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