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Re: Urgent: Manipulating large libraries

On Aug 20, Nikhil Nair wrote
> On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 mdorman@debian.org wrote:
> Ah ....  I've been porting to Linux a multi-arch package.  Some platforms
> don't need ranlib, I wasn't aware that Linux was one of them.  Am I now
> right in thinking that, if I use the -s modifier to ar, I never need
> ranlib?

Almost certainly.  I had been given the impression that GNU ar Simply
Took Care of That, and had never heard the s switch mentioned---but
from reading the docs it certainly sounds like using the s switch
guarantees that ranlib is not needed.

I just suggested that because, if I remember correctly (and I'm too
lazy to check), the configure script in many GNU tools substitutes
/bin/true for ranlib when GNU ar is selected

> >   4) Unless you're talking a dramatic difference in processor speed,
> >      always get more memory.
> Right, I'm now down to a generality (ranlib worries out of the way).  The
> choice is:
>    366MHz 21164, 1MB cache, 128MB DRAM;
>    433MHz 21164, 2MB cache (Microway claim 30% performance boost), 64MB
> Any thoughts?  I'll probably have to decide tomorrow ...

Unless your app is *totally* memory or I/O intensive, like heavy-duty
database work, get the 433, definitely.

My thinking is that big L2 cache plus the additional speed should make
any moderately CPU-intensive stuff quite a big faster, and as long as
your active working set isn't significantly more than maybe 56MB or
so, you shouldn't be swapping excessively.

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