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PAM!!! :)

Hi all...

I *FINALLY* got the PAM library and modules to compile (after quite a bit
of heartache, I might add).  Despite the time delay, it really wasn't a
big fix to get it to compile.  I haven't tested any of it yet and I
*STRONGLY* encourage others to do so since, according to the debian-devel
list, having a working PAM setup cross-platform is the default that
they're aiming for in Debian 2.0.

I know this will require recompiles of alot of things that we've already
done, but I don't think that should be much of a problem.

Also, to accomplish this, I managed to get the sgml-tools package,
libpwdb, and a few others compiled as well, so feel free to pick them up.

As for modules in 2.0.x, so far, it's not looking good.  It's still a goal
of mine to get this to work, but I don't have the first clue as to why
they don't work now, so it's a long uphill battle.  In my quest to do
this, though, I've found another apparent bug in gcc (related to the -ansi
switch, for all interested).  I will be mailing that off to Richard
Henderson ASAP as well as the _curbrk() bug in glibc.

Anyways, enjoy and happy Alpha computing :)

 Christopher C. Chimelis          chris@classnet.med.miami.edu
 Systems Supervisor
 Division of Biomedical Communications
 University of Miami School of Medicine
 --> finger chris@classnet.med.miami.edu for PGP public key <--

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