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Alpha Installation from i386?


In about a month's time I'll be installing Debian on a PC164 (a Microway
machine of some sort).  As I'm blind, I really need my Braille display to
start working before I can do anything by myself - that means a daemon
(/sbin/brltty) which I run from /etc/init.d/boot .

(a) Would someone mind compiling it for me?  It should be quick - the i386
executable is only about 28kb.  It was tested on a Noname about 18 months
ago, so should work out of the box (hopefully ...).

(b) I wondered if I could create a basic but operational system on a Jaz
disk, from an *i386* Debian system.  I.e., mount the Jaz drive on /jaz/,
then untar base.tgz there and use `dpkg --root=/jaz' with i386 dpkg but
alpha .deb files.

If that would work, and I could boot to it on my PC164, I could then go on
to partition my hard drive and copy the installation, while using my
Braille display to `see' what I'm doing.

(c) If this can all be done, then once I've got the Jaz disk, how do I
boot to it?  On an i386 system, I'd use a boot (kernel) floppy with root
device /dev/sdb1 or whatever.  Is it different with an Alpha - do I have
to use Milo to boot the kernel floppy?  [It'll be an NT-designated CPU,
i.e. without SRM console.]



Nikhil Nair
Trinity College, Cambridge, England
Tel.: +44 1223 368353
Email: nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk

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