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lpr works!

Hi all :)

Ok...after MUCH effort and brain-straining, I've tentatively gotten
lpr/lpd to compile and work.  The deb package and diff are here:
	ftp:	beezer.med.miami.edu:/pub/chris

PLEASE PLEASE read my notes that I included with it since I had to make
some rather unsavory changes to the lpd source code to get it to compile
(it actually ASSUMES something...bad, I know, but there was no matching
glibc function for the one that I had to replace).

I have only tested it with remote printing directly to a networked
printer.  Please feel free to break it and let me know when/where it
doesn't work :)

I do intend on going back to it and trying some other options to remove
the dangerous assumption, but right now my brains are fried lpd-wise.

Oh, yeah, and I've got a TON of other packages compiled in there if
anyone's interested....

On another good news front, I'm getting ready to mail Richard Henderson a
big, long mail detailing what I think is causing our unaligned trap
problems.  I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down enough to allow him to
fix it easily.  gcc is the problem (actually, it's the conversion to
assembly that is the problem), fyi, and it has to do with how register
items are being stored and recalled.  I'm holding up on the mail because I
also have some glibc issues that I think he might be interested in as well
(namely, all string functions are giving funky warnings...).  Any input
or observations from other users would be appreciated regarding this.

That's it....enjoy!  Debian looks like it's shaping up for the Alpha now
:)  I'm glad for that since I just could never get used to RedHat :P

 Christopher C. Chimelis          chris@classnet.med.miami.edu
 Systems Supervisor
 Division of Biomedical Communications
 University of Miami School of Medicine
 --> finger chris@classnet.med.miami.edu for PGP public key <--

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