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Re: status of install bits?

On Jul 28, Bdale Garbee wrote
> I'm about ready to put my UDB system back together, and would like
> to reload the debian-alpha bits from scratch.  What's the best place
> to start right now?

Um, Pasi's got some install disk images---there's still a *little*
gunk on them, I understand (remnants of libc6 and libc5 placeholders,
really, nothing big), but they're supposed to be workable.  They're on
ftp.gorba.fi, I think.

One of the guys here at UMSM who got his UDB as part of the same deal
as I just used them, and it went fine.  He's now dissecting networking
code to take care of some of the issues I let go. :-)  Now if I could
just get (*@$^@_$ PPP to work at a reasonable speed.

> If the answer is "wait a week", that's fine too, but I've passed a
> major milestone in the software I'm working on for the satellite, so
> I think I can make a little time to play again now...

Play away.  With the exception of libg++, which I need to look at a
bit (we might be in a position to merge the alpha stuff with the other
ports), I think everything we have is solid.

Oh, except for hostname, which I need to re-upload now that master is
apparently back up.

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