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Re: Floppy install

Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Kari Davidsson wrote:
> Hi,
> >
> > I'll follow up to my own email:
> >
> > So the conclusion of all this: The floppy install "works" but stay away
> > from dselect. Install packages manually after the base install and
> > by picki on wich packages you install.
> >
> As i have been telling in this list before, the binary-alpha tree
> needs some minor mods to be 'dselectable'. I have pesonally installed
> (telnet at least is not working) functional debian/axp with slightly
> modified binary-alpha (remove libc6, upgrade some packages, blaa, blaa...)

I know that you know, since you have been telling that here before 8-)
This was just a quick summary for those who are running red hat want to
debian, are not maintainers (like me) and are not involved in the
process, i.e. what might happen when attempting a "fresh" debian
Like I did. It could also serve as some feedback to your work, which I
is great. (The feedback to you is basically that I did not run into any
problems that you had not found.) Perhaps this "report" was redundant.
In that
case I am sorry it will not happen again.
One thing I forgot to mention (again for those adventurus types who
wan't to
try something new from redhat) is that I did not mess with my current
setup, i.e. I am using the same milo as in my red hat setup and loading
(milo) with the aid of ARC console.

> >
> > P.S. The only way of getting access to the latest and greatest packes
> > on debina.org is through Incoming? But one must be a developer to
> > get access to Incoming? And one must have some packes to maintain
> Look
> ftp://gorba.lpt.fi/debian/binary-alpha/         (mine)
> or
> ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman/         (Michael Dorman)

Yes, this was my point (maybe not clear) some packages in debian.org are 
newer than the packages on those two ftp-sites, some are older and who
knows what is in Incoming? Not I.

> for some upgraded packages. I think most of needed packages are in one
> of above sites. There might be more sites, but i'm not aware of those.
> If something crucial is missing from those sites, let me/us know, and
> we'll see if we can do something about it ....

I don't think any thing is missing, I mean I was able to get the system
and running with networking and development stuff (gcc, devel libs.
With some packages from your and M.Dormans site and some from
But I think that you and M. Dorman are not the only developers for
and that is why I was wondering about the Incoming on debian.org. Others
have uploaded something crusial to debian.org. Maybe I will just file
debian developer job and see how it goes. 8-)

> I haven't even looked the base disks since sunday, but i think i'll have
> to write at least MILO installer to that dinstall-script and look, what
> i can do about that reboot/halt binary. I'll have to look it with SRM too
> as i have ARC installed at the moment ....
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