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Floppy install


Did the floppy install yesterday on my 166MHz UDB with 24Mb ram (2*12M), 
500Mb internal SCSI, 1Gb external SCSI and TGA graphics adapter.
Everything went smooth. Only problem is that reboot (option O) does
not reboot but Pasi had allready pointed that one out. I ran dselect
and installed all the packages it wanted to install. There was a
problem in the end with two packages (ahh, now I don't remeber their
names), but that is irrelevant to Pasis work anyway. Probably the
system is not up to many things after the deselect-installation phase,
(pasi said it might by "unusable"). I did not have time to try it out,
this was a install-and-run-away thing 8-). I will play more with it
tonight, and let you all know if I find anything worth mentioning.


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