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Re: help! :-)

On 3 Jun 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:


> > in libc.so.6.1 of the root.bin
> I *think* this might be solved if you add a -u __libc_global_ctors to
> the requires_symbols definition in the generate_library script.

No :( That was actually first thing i tried, long before 'shouting' help
in this channel. 

by looking the libc5-dev stuff in i386, i can see only one
diff in crtbegin.o compared to crtbeginS.o (which generator script originally
wanted to use) and that it the last line (objdump --syms).

00000000         *UND* 00000000 _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_

> You may have to do this for other things as well.  You may also have
> to include libutil, but I think we would rather avoid that if possible.

init is actually complaining about libc.so.6.1 at this point :) It just hangs
after puking the error out. I don't have any knowledge about libs and 
learning would propably take too long :)

> Thanks for undertaking this task.  Boot disks would be a godsend, and
> definitely get your name on the list of important people for
> Debian/Alpha.

I promised it and i stand behind it as long as my skills are enought. I am
begining to be obsessed about it and normally i won't quit, when i start
something - time and ability of learn new things is everything i have, so
i see 'very little light ion the end of the tube' ;)

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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