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netstd && libc6.1

Hi, again

First of all, please inform me, if you feel like i am 'spamming' this
list too much with too little things. Also excuse for my english,
but it's what it is and it's improving slowly as i use it more and
more all the time :)

I was taking another quick look to netstd-2.13 and i noticed that
in libc6.1-dev the /usr/include/paths.h was missing the definition
of _PATH_LOGIN. After fixing that, i now have (more) correctly working
in.rlogind and in.telnetd, so i can 'move' my 'development' to machine
where i have X, man and goodies.

I am improving slowly, but that new base.tgz would still be nice place
to start all over as i haven't really done so much oddities to my 
systems yet and can start all over again easily.

I have learnt so much in past week about developing in Debian that
actually only that makes more that happy.

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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