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Re: Outright bribe...

On Apr 17, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
[about util-linux]
> One doesn't need to be a C/Linux wizard for this---RedHat has done
> probably 99% of the patching necessary to get it running.  It's really
> just a matter of taking on the (admittedly tedious) job of integrating
> all the patches into the Debian sources.

Is it going to be a transition to util-linux-2.6?  It would be nice if
it was because of significantly less amount of patching needed (a lot of
RedHat's patches are incorporated in 2.6), a number of bugfixes, easier
upstream notification etc.  If I were a Debian maintainer, I'd take
this work.  Well, I can take it anyway and send the diff, if nobody
objects.  I could also apply for maintainership (I have tkmixer packaged
and I can probably take some orphans) if the `new-maintainer' address
worked (I haven't been kicking it for more than a month, though).


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