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Outright bribe...

I'm looking to bribe someone.

Specifically, I'm willing to give someone an account on my AXP, if
that person will then take responsibility for porting the util-linux

One doesn't need to be a C/Linux wizard for this---RedHat has done
probably 99% of the patching necessary to get it running.  It's really
just a matter of taking on the (admittedly tedious) job of integrating
all the patches into the Debian sources.

Any takers?  I'll admit it's not much of a bribe, especially when one
considers that the machine will become a much more limited resource
some time in the next two months, as it will be coming home to be on
the far side of an nondedicated modem line.  But this really needs to
be done---this is one of the last base packages to be ported---and
I've got enough I'm working on.



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