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Re: debian alpha...

> Hi again, haven't seen anything on the mailing list so.... any progress ?

I had the disk I was using for a root disk die over the weekend.  This caused
me to have to re-install from scratch, which actually went really well using
the notes from last time (good thing I hadn't recycled my Redhat disk yet).  

Spurred by this success, I started pushing the tree of .deb files from 
cistron.nl into the Stage1 directory for alpha on mater.debian.org, resolving
a few coflicts (newer versions of packages that Paul Bame or I have built) as
I go.  There's a bit more to move (the arrangement of .deb files has changed
in unstable with some new directories being created), and I need to edit my 
notes a bit to serve as a better "intallation guide".

> Will the above files be on ftp.debian or master.debian ?

The latter, at least to start with.  Actually, I should ask Bruce for a policy
decision about just moving the tree of .deb files into "unstable" which would
cause them to start to ripple out to mirrors.  There are some issues with the
current system (we need to move to a fresher libc6 snapshot, many of the .deb
files are from older revisions of the various tools than are currently in
unstable, the installation procedure currently requires that you have some 
other (Redhat?) Linux installed on your AXP system to partition a disk and get
the snapshot installed, etc) that mean that it isn't really ready for prime
time... on the other hand, it strikes me as being in a sufficiently useful
state to spread more widely so more folks can get involved in helping bring
thing up to date and build a Debian-style installation disk set.  In 
particular, Paul's work on dpkg has made it functional for most normal uses,
though we don't have a working dselect yet.  In other words, it's "unstable"
enough that we shouldn't even consider including it in the 1.3 release coming
soonish, but we may as well start using the "unstable" directory tree, in 
my opinion.

Your thoughts, Bruce?


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