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Where to start? (fwd)

Hello Debian!

	We now have here in my department a couple os Sparc ELC
stations plus a couple of Alpha 200-4/100 stations running RedHat, and
there's a couple of people, maybe more, (Antonio Fernando Correa de
Moraes, Adriano Nagelschmidt Rodrigues, myself, if I am able to help
these hackers in any way, and possibly others) which would like to go
to work shortly to help the Debian distribution take off on both of
these architectures. The question is, how do we find out where to
start and what to do, in order not to re-discover the wheel?


        Jorge L. deLyra,  Assistant Professor of Physics
            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
       For more information:  finger delyra@fma.if.usp.br

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