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Packaging rocRAND


I was looking into what build changes are required to finish the packaging of rocRAND.

The current upstream sources in the debian repo [1] are based on ROCm 5.0.0. Support for an FHS-compatible layout came in ROCm 5.2 (when building with -DBUILD_FILE_REORG_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY=OFF), so I would recommend updating the rocRAND sources. The release candidate branch for ROCm 5.3 has been created [2], but there's almost no changes for rocRAND [3] so there's no need to wait.

The current version of hipcc is an experimental package is based on ROCm 5.0.0, but I believe that should be sufficient for building rocRAND from ROCm 5.2. As such, all dependencies required for packaging rocrand are currently available and packaged. Though, I suppose that rocrand would have to be experimental because hipcc is experimental.

Cory Bloor

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/rocrand/-/tree/upstream/5.0.0
[2]: https://github.com/ROCmSoftwarePlatform/rocRAND/tree/release/rocm-rel-5.3 [3]: https://github.com/ROCmSoftwarePlatform/rocRAND/compare/rocm-5.2.0...release/rocm-rel-5.3

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