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Re: [Pkg-opencl-devel] ROCm RFP


On 16.12.21 21:41, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> From quick lookup in rocm-cmake debian/control, the Maintainer
> was set to debian-ai@lists.debian.org, so I assume this would be
> the way to go?  (There might be objections that it might create
> noise on the mailing list due to bug entries though, but let's
> consider moving ahead this way for the time being; surely it is
> possible to change that later.)

Indeed, that's the correct Maintainer address (though the team name can
vary - we have ROCm Team and Debian Deep Learning Team, for example.)

The issue about possible bug noise has been discussed in the past but
the overall consensus was that seeing everything is preferred for now,
and one canalways change this later if it becomes a problem.


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