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Bug#990627: python3-torchaudio: torchaudio import aborts

Control: severity -1 minor
Control: tags -1 - moreinfo + wontfix

* John O'Hagan <mail@johnohagan.com> [2021-07-06 14:19]:
and that you don't have any additional files installed (like torch or
tensorflow from pip), also check


This was the problem, thank you. torch 1.9 was pulled into that
directory by torch.hub.load('ultralytics/yolov5', ....). Renaming or
removing the torch subdirectory allows torchaudio to import normally.

Sounds like the upstream version is not compatible with the rest of your system.

The requirements file from the ultralytics repo only specifies torch >=
1.7, which is available in my distro, so I'm not sure why it pulls in

Is this still to be regarded as a (perhaps different) bug?

I don't know enough about torchaudio to say how much this influences the usage of it but I can imagine that others run into the same problem. Given that you would need to load a version from elsewhere I mark this as minor and wontfix, Feel free to change if you think this is not appropriate.

Cheers Jochen

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