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Re: plan of deep learning team for next stable release?

Hi all,

> > I will not be able to use the pytorch compiled for Debian in my own
> > research work, and the use case for the cpu-only version is undoubtedly
> > limited.


> The simple fact of the matter is that Debian users who own an Nvidia
> card and need pytorch (or pure CUDA, as I have)
>   (1) will already have the Nvidia driver and CUDA installed anyway, and
>   (2) will then simply pip install or conda install pytorch, rather than
>       use the non-CUDA version from our archive.

Indeed, that is what is happening with all users I know around me.

> So if the Project rejects extending support for CUDA, not only would
> that have absolutely zero effect on CUDA use, it would actually also
> torpedo our own version of pytorch. That's hardly sensible.

Agreed. Our aim should not be to have "pytorch in the archive, yeah" but
nobody uses it from there.



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