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Re: plan of deep learning team for next stable release?

Hi list,

On 11/24/20 1:38 PM, Mo Zhou wrote:
> I've just uploaded pytorch 1.7.0-2 to unstable, which should compile on
> at least amd64 arm64 and ppc64el. There is no any non-cpu hardware
> acceleration enabled yet.

official non-CPU support is probably going to be a larger issue, but I
think the sooner we address this, the better.

So, how support for accelerated packages look? One would need
software/configuration support in the package itself, and one would need
hardware to test it during build and/or autopkgtest.

Our buildds currently don't have the necessary hardware. I believe we
should strive to change that. The funds are there (as recently addressed
by the DPL) and accelerated computing is developing into a key area that
Debian cannot miss out on, in my opinion.

With regards to software/configuration, I think the way to go would be
to request new build profiles (one per flavor), so that B-Ds only get
installed where necessary, and packages only get built where possible.

Ideally, we'd also have some porter boxes. This sounds like going far by
Debian standards, but we are talking about only a few hundred Euros per
box, and as the DPL said, we should make more use of our funds.

The elephant in the room is, of course, CUDA. It's non-free so that will
irk a lot of people, but it's also the de facto standard, and I don't
see what alternative we have. People needing accelerated computing today
will rather leave behind Debian than CUDA.



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