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>From some days I was thinking about debian, and translations. So there are
some localized distributions in few countries (in my we have PLD), so IMHO
people may need announcements of their favourite programs in their
national leanguage. So my idea is:
Create library (lets call it libtrans) with the following functions:

void InitTrans(char * file);
char * Trans(char * fraze);

This functions wuld do:
InitTrans - do 
lean=(getenv("LEAN")==NULL)?(read from /etc/lean):getenv("LEAN") 
then user would do Trans on _each_ message in program, and that message
would be in english in 'file', and function would return nationalized
version of this info. Example:
void main() {
  printf(Trans("Welcome !"));
  printf(Trans("Welcome !"));
  printf(Trans("Welcome !"));
should give:
Welcome !Witam !Wilkommen ! 
'file' for it:
en pl fr de
Welcome !
Witam !
Welkommen !
Hello !
Czesc !
This seems to be very easy to use. (IMHO)

So, if there is a library like that, could you point at it, if no, (and
you agree, that it's needed), i'll write it.


	Don't answer that people don't need nationalized version.

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