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Re: I forgot

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 burzum@horyzont.com.pl wrote:

> > Yeah, all is ok BUT, why do you think RedHat is much more popular than
> > Debian ? Why people call Debian as it is only for profesionalists ????
> > Answer is one: cause RedHat is MUCH MORE EASIER to configure. It is very
> > important that user could sit down, answer five questions and be happy. It
> > is much better than editing one line in /etc/init.d/network, cause, from
> > where user (newbie administrator ?) may know where to find file
> > resposible for the network ???
>  I do not agree. Redhat seems to be more friendly for inexperienced user
> than debian, but in fact RH does many things in "standard" way. You dont
Yeah, and that is important, system should be at the same time 'friendly'
and 'profesional'. Inexperianced user could also be able to use Debian,
cause if he don't, there it is less probable, that he will use it in a
future (don't forget that we have still dynamicly developing RedHat, Open
Linux, S.u.S.E., etc.). (example of friendly and proffesional system:
(sorry) windows nt ;-).
> know exactly how system is configured, and thats (IMHO) why this is not
> good system for ISP. Debian is more difficult to configure, but after
Yeah, is the Debian developed only for ISP ? Very often they still don't
want this new (yeah, Linux is new!) OS, and they install comercial
UNIX'es (SunOS). 
> doing this you know exactly how it works and what services are installed
By the very end, i'd like to note, that Debian is not 'not popular' but
it's rare :-(.

>  (gotta go - have my birthsday party ;) )
fajnie, ja tez mam dzisiaj :-)))


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