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Re: purposes

>Linux has to support NT for a simple reason, we want to get onto their boxes to
>replace NT.  If we break NT then Linux is off that box possibly forever.  If we
>succeed then there is a tremendous likelyhood that NT will never be booted

>This comes to the need for an easier to use LILO, there was a project called
>GRUB but that fell by the wayside.

Lilo off a debian install is much easier to use than grub. Not that grub
is bad, grub is good.  If you don't know how to get around in unix,
and you don't know about lilo, then you can still find grub, I did.

Lilo will load the nt partition, or the windows 95 partition, as the
case may be, and then start the windows multi-loader.

What you probably want is a program that finds the current boot and
enters it as a LILO entry, then for lilo to automatically put up
a menu of choices.

In my experience, it is always windows that overwrites my multi-

Heh :)

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