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Re: Linuxconf again and again (was: purposes)

Hello all -

  I know many of you will not like what I have to say here, but I've looked
at the problem extensively, and *know* that any linuxconf (or other
configuration system currently out there) based system will not cut it for
  A much more aggressive strategy must be taken, possibly involving usurping
the way dpkg does things right now. Simply put, linuxconf is *not*
acceptable for networked installation profiles and remote configuration
management, but this is what 75% of end users will want an admintool for.
And no, --(get|set)-selections with some tcp hack and batch config with
linuxconf wouldn't tie it together well enough either.

I may seem like a naysayer. Yes, I've looked at doogie's dconfig, and it's
quite nice, but I still think something more is needed (besides -- why
create and enforce yet another config management infrastructure if it's
not entirely different?)

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