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>I have been working with a variety of concepts similar to data mining for my
>operations and analysis work w/ hpux as well as trying to understand where
>linux is going wrt to the greater public (4.5 billion humans).

	That would be saleable information :)  That's pretty neat, the
guy the next cubicle over is working on a company called webfarming.com,
and he's using data mining for business intelligence.

>I also have a product with which I had an odd adventure, ThinMan, outlined in

	Thin clients are interesting, but I personally don't want my
personal files stored on someone else's server.  They're great for
corps and workgroups, etc.

>Debian, or an offshoot, will fullfil this destiny, the sooner the better.

	Lots of companies want to see software commercialism taken
to new heights of income, such as charging by the minute to use your
word processor over a thin client.  I'd rather have debian on my old
pentium (I went from 286 to pentium, so I don't have an old 386 or 486,)
with emacs and tex and gimp than have to use micro-word while it

> about your email:

	All those nast caveats about information sharing in
a capitalist relationship start coming to mind.  I'm lucky, this
is my first programming job (well, second) and I just gain
skills every day.  I guess once I reach that plateau where I
I have a product or spec I better start watching myself closer.

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