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Re: Looking for a list

Xavier Calbet <xcalbet@inm.es> writes:

> Hello,
>  I have just subscribed myself to the debian-admintool
> list, so forgive me for any inconvienences. 
> I have been reading the last messages in the lists archive.
> I have been using Debian for some time now and I would
> like to help in the two main subjects I think
> Debian should be improved, drawn from my experience
> of people using Debian with few computer backgrounds:
> 1) A lot simpler installation and administration.
> There should be an option in the installatoion
> procedure to say you are a newbie to Debian and
> want to make as few decisions as possible and answer
> as little questions as possible, and then installing
> a "user-frinedly" environment automatically (GNOME for
> example).

Dragon does that. :)

> 2) Making Debian in other languages. At least the 
> installation, not neccesarily the man pages (but that
> maybe is a theme for another list).

Same again. :)

> In conclusion: I would like to see where I can fit into
> Debian developing with these, my personal interests,
>  in mind.
> The problem is I don't quite see which list I should
> subscribe myself to in order to peace my soul in ease
> of installation and administration.

Thats why I'm here too. :) Should be the right place.

> As I have deduced from the previous mails I have read
> and from my experience installing Debian (version 1.3.1.,
> I still don't have available 2.0) the installation procedure
> can be divided into three parts:
> 1) The menus that appear when you install Debian for
> the first time, i.e. the ones that show up with the
> floppy disks installation. I don't know what the name
> of this program is and in which list this is discussed.

dinstall, its only awaylable during installation.

> 2) Installation program: the dselect program. 
> I beleive this is going to be
> substituted for APT (or deity) and there is already
> a list for this, but it looks like some aspects
> of this are being discussed here (automatically
> installing packages with no questions), am I right?

I realy like apt (as a console prog). 

> 3) Administration programs. There seem to be several
> efforts going on here:
>    - Waiting for COAS.
>    - xAdmin
>    - dtxtdb, being suspended and waiting for COAS.
> Is this correct?

Theres also Webmin, but thats not fully free.

> Xavier Calbet

I'm currently learning for my exams (until 28th), but after that I
will package and upload a rescue package. The Package will take the
currently installed system and build a rescue disk, rescue filesystem
on harddisk or even a rescue CD. The System will include Dragon and
will popup with a nice dialog interface. Dragon includes
backup/restore funktions (work in progress), mounting/unmounting
filesystems and swap, formating/partitioning drives, network config,
viewing and altering users and groups and some more.

You have to wait till after 28th, but I think dragon will fullfill
some of your neeeds and theres always space for more.

May the Source be with you.

PS: I will include a "install Linux without questions" (apart from the 
realy needed) option in the backup/restore section.

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