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Re: COAS white paper draft

> The code for a module may be written in Python (a popular
> object-oriented, interpreted language), C++, or both.

From: Platibus <platibus@platibus.com>
> Why Python and not Java? I guess you have a lot of Python code to reuse,
> but if that's not the case you might want to consider Java. 

I think the language issue is a red herring, as it is simple enough to
generate a C binding and from that everything else, and there is nobody
to stop you if it's a GPL-ed tool. Someone there asked about Perl, and
the answer was that they considered Python to be a more maintainable
alternative. I must admit to sharing their feelings on perl.

> I am currently working on Iris, a set of tools written in Java that are
> file level compatible to Rational Rose and UML. I can offer anyone who
> works on COAS a license for free, if that is any help. 

Does that mean you aren't going to make it free software? :-)


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