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Re: COAS white paper draft


that's great! If this thing flies then you can give Linux to a secretary
to install. 

Bruce Perens wrote:
> The code for a module may be written in Python (a popular
> object-oriented, interpreted language), C++, or both.

Why Python and not Java? I guess you have a lot of Python code to reuse,
but if that's not the case you might want to consider Java. 

I don't have the time to support your effort, though I'm all for it.
Linux is much more stable than Windows, but as long as you need a
graduate degree or tons of time to install it it is never gonna be

I am currently working on Iris, a set of tools written in Java that are
file level compatible to Rational Rose and UML. I can offer anyone who
works on COAS a license for free, if that is any help. I'm not done yet,
but I hope that within the month I'll have some basic code generation
facility available. Send mail if you're interested, just with a brief
statement that you are designing or implementing COAS and what it is
that you need a design tool for.

Thomas Werthmann-Auzinger
"Iris - a Java engine for Rose models - http://www.platibus.com/iris";
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