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Re: Command 'gnat ls' does not work

> gnat ls -Pxmlada_sax.gpr
> Can't find ALI file for /usr/share/ada/adainclude/xmlada_sax/sax-symbols.adb

With gnat-9/9.3.0-18 and libxmlada-sax9-dev/9.3.0-18 from
testing/unstable, the command answers 'unknown switch
"-Pxmlada_sax.gpr"'.  This is expected for recent installations, as
Adacore has removed support for projects/-P from the GCC tools.

> Files are there but they are in Debian specific locations.

All is OK, then :-)

> Shall I report a bug report and where ?

The recommended way to fill a bug report in Debian is to run the
'reportbug' interactive tool, installed by the package with the same

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