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Re: gnat-10 transition


On 20/09/2020 16:44, Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:

* If you use libgpr:

   gpr is renamed to gnatprj
   Like for gnatvsn, a compatibility gpr.gpr project is provided.

   * Debian's gnat-6, like its predecessors, used to build a
     Debian-specific libgnaprj.
   * Around gnat-7 and AdaCore GPL/2017, the sources have moved from
     gnat to gprbuild. The new name was libgnatprj.
     Debian has renamed libgnatprj to libgpr in order to reduce divergence.
   * Around 2018, it has appeared that another library had been using
     the three-letter name since long before 2017. The name had to
     change in Debian again.

Thanks for this explanation.
I've been surprised by this renaming as it breaks some of my projects.

It seems the libgnatprj7-dev package is missing the 'gpr.gpr' compatibility project.

Is it provided by another package?


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