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Re: Multilib support?

> I've got a use case at work where we have two separate Ada applications -
> one 64-bit, and one 32-bit. We'd like to switch over to Debian from CentOS
> (because CentOS isn't covering our needs), but as far as I can tell, Debian
> doesn't currently support multilib for Ada. Is this still the case?

> If it is, are there any workarounds for compiling both 64 32bit Ada
> applications on a single system? If now, how do I enable it?


Most usages of 'multilib' are now covered by 'multiarch'.

All multiarch variants of Ada library packages (providing the shared
object) are coinstallable (in your case i386 and amd64), so you will
should no problem *running* an i386 program on an amd64 system.

As far as I know, the same holds for gnat-8 and libgnat8-dev, but most
other -dev packages are not coinstallable yet, so you will probably
need a chroot or something similar to *build* an i386 program.

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