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Re: Asking for best practices to maintain a debian Ada package

Thanks for the answer. I was also quite busy on my side too.

Nicolas gave me some advises in private email.
Your recommendations from both of you were helpful.

I've been able to create my new debian packages.

I've used 7-dev for the development package so that it matches gnat-7.
For example, I get the following packages:


for my 'ada-wiki' version 1.1.0 package.

I could have put the debian/* files on Ada-France monotone server
but I'm more confortable at using git so for now, I've put them in

For now, I've not put all the "Build-Depends" dependencies because
if I do it it becomes a nightmare to build since I need to install/uninstall
the 7-dev packages.


On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 9:52 PM, Ludovic Brenta
<ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org> wrote:
> Stephane Carrez <stephane.carrez@gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi!
>> In the past, I've made several Debian packages for various Ada
>> libraries and tools I'm writing.
>> I've read carefully the Debian Ada policy and I think I followed what
>> was explained.
>> At the end, I was able to provide Debian packages for Ubuntu trusty
>> (14.04) and raring (13.04).
>> You may have a look at the list:
>> https://blog.vacs.fr/vacs/debian/ubuntu-trusty/index.html
>> I would like to resurect these packages and get a better way on how to manage
>> the debian package files. I have a couple of questions and need your advices on
>> how to maintain such files on different Debian versions.
>> How do you maintain your debian/* files for different versions of
>> Debian and different versions of gnat?
>> Do you have recommendations on package naming to take into account the
>> library version and the gnat compiler version?
>> ie, how can I ship a version A of a package for gnat-7 and a version A
>> of the same package for gnat-8 ?
> The "aliversions" must be different; the "aliversion" is part of the
> package *name*.  The numerical versions are separate from the name and
> they can be the same.
> For example:
> libfoo1-dev (=8.2.4-4) for gnat-7
> libfoo2-dev (=8.2.4-4) for gnat-8
> You would maintain these two as branches in your version control system.
>> I'm aware of the Ada-France monotone server.
>> I was able to get the package files for several packages (libaws, libxmlada) but
>> it looks like only gnat-8 is used now.
> Yes, as part of the policy we choose a single version of the compiler
> and build everything with it.  This makes all Ada packages compatible
> with one another.  We don't have the manpower (aka courage, aka time) to
> maintain several versions of gnat together.  Also we don't want a
> situation where one Ada library is available for one compiler but not
> the other.
> Hope this helps.
> PS. Sorry for the late reply.  I have been slightly ill lately (and
> still am) and real life imposes high demands on my time...
> --
> Ludovic Brenta.

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