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status update


The switch to gnat-8 should happen in a few weeks, breaking almost all
Ada packages.  Ideally, the migration should then be finished in the
experimental distribution, so that the unstable distribution only
requires a new upload of each Ada package.

These packages are ready.
  gnat opentoken xmlezout ncrusesada texttools xmlada florist gmpada
  templates-parser gmpada aunit asis aws adacontrol log4ada gtkada
  gnatcoll gnatcoll-db gnatcoll-bindings

adabrowse/music123/ada-reference-manual/... are not libraries, and
should only require a rebuild with updated dependencies (no package

gnat-gps is an executable, but latest version is required with updated
dependencies. It is waiting for gnatcoll-db and -bindings to exit the
NEW queue.

Remaining Ada libraries will need to rename their lib and -dev
packages, and should anticipate a delay to pass the NEW queue.
Please consider rebuilding these libraries in experimental:
  adacgi adasockets polyorb ahven dbusada alog pcscada anet

This is a good opportunity to make unrelated changes affecting the ALI
version (new upstream release, unicode update in xmlada...), as long
as this does not delay the package renaming much.

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