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Re: default gpr project search path

> OK if /usr/share/gpr is not also used by another Debian package.

There would already have been a conflict. Gprbuild has been installing
its implicit project /usr/share/gpr/_default.gpr there for a while.

> And for one release cycle we'll want to make a symlink from the old
> path to the new one.
> Also, what is the new equivalent of /usr/lib/ada/adalib?  If there
> isn't one then movingto /usr/share/gpr might actually be a bad idea
> (i.e. one that introduces a regression).

Not sure to understand what you write.

My suggestion moves GPR projects from /u/s/ada/adainclude to /u/s/gpr.
I see no reason to move Ada sources from /u/s/ada/adainclude or ALI
files from /usr/lib(/DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)?.

Symlinking /u/s/ada/adainclude->/u/s/gpr would move Ada sources for no
reason. Moreover, dpkg hardly manages symlink to directories.

If you suggest symlinking each /u/s/ada/adainclude/foo.gpr to
/u/s/gpr/foo.gpr, why is it better than patching each tool to look up
in both directories for a while? This way, library maintainers have
one single change to do, and can choose when they do it.

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