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Re: default gpr project search path

Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:

Policy mandates that packaged library projects live in
Ludovic has stated many times that this choice was quite arbitrary,
and could be modified if necessary.

Now, gprbuild and gprinstall hardcode /usr/share/gpr.  I am patching
them to also accept our path for a while, but in the long term the
proper fix is probably to change the policy.


OK if /usr/share/gpr is not also used by another Debian package.
And for one release cycle we'll want to make a symlink from the old
path to the new one.

Also, what is the new equivalent of /usr/lib/ada/adalib?  If there
isn't one then movingto /usr/share/gpr might actually be a bad idea
(i.e. one that introduces a regression).


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