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Re: upload liblog4ada to new

Le 05/10/2014 21:28, Ludovic Brenta a écrit :
Xavier Grave <xavier.grave@csnsm.in2p3.fr> writes:
Can a DD upload it to the new queue ;) ?

Are the symbols files still up to date? They contain a version number

I have regenerated the symbol file
(rev 022c862a348f8667c70e631607a96b4d88a2783b of org.debian.liblog4ada)

I have dropped architecture dependent files since all architectures should use gnat-4.9 for 1.3-1 compilation.

I hope I didn't miss more important details.

I have understood why I didn't notice the need for the symbol file change, the symbol checks were applied to liblog4ada1 not liblog4ada2 the new package version.


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