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Re: gtkada and gnat-gps

Gour wrote:
> Ludovic Brenta wrote:

>> Unfortunately we have received no word from Jacob on this, so we're
>> sticking with GtkAda 2.24.1.  However, Dmitry Kazakov has produced
>> unofficial packages of GtkAda 3.8.2 for Debian here:
> I understand it might be late for Jessie, but being on Sid it does not
> matter much to me, but wonder whether Dmitry's packages can be put
> into Sid or Jacob is the only packager which can do it?

Anybody (with a bit of knowledge, experience and time) can do it.

> He is the one having 'Contract' presentation at this year's FOSDEM?

Yes.  And a tutorial on the same subject at this year's Ada Europe


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