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gnat-gps 5.3 in Debian unstable


I finally got around to updating gnat-gps to version 5.3 in Debian
unstable.  This is a snapshot of the GPS sources from AdaCore's
Subversion repository and is the last revision that still uses
GtkAda 2.24, as per our master plan[1].


I made the first upload yesterday night on the principle of "release
early, release often" without even trying to install the package, let
alone testing its functionality.  I made this decision to help remove
the last packages that still depend on gnat-4.6 from unstable and
clear the way for other packages depending on gnat-4.9 to migrate to
testing.  The last package to migrate will be gnat (=4.9).

Since I don't use gnat-gps for programming myself, I rely on end users
for testing; so, please help test this package, reporting any bugs you
find in the usual way.  Nevertheless, I plan to conduct basic testing
this week and probably upload 5.3-2 next weekend.

Ludovic Brenta.

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