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Why is libxmlada not in testing yet?


I don't understand this report:

It says that libxmlada4.1, libxmlada4.1-dbg, libxmlada4.1-dev are not
yet built.  But the current version is 4.4.0 and the new package names
are libxmlada4.4.0, libxmlada4.4.0-dbg, libxmlada4.4.0-dev. Could
there be a problem with missing Breaks:/Replaces: clauses in the
control file?

(I don't expect libxmlada actually to migrate to testing before
gnat-gps does, since the gnat-gps currently in testing (5.0-16) still
depends on libxmlada4.1.  Notably, the report does not mention that
as a reason why libxmlada has not migrated yet; this is something
else I don't understand.)

Ludovic Brenta.

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