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Re: Debian bug #673015 gprbuild: [hurd-i386] could not create $DIRECTORY//auto.cgpr

Ludovic Brenta <ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org> writes:

> Svante Signell wrote:
>> Correction: It is gprconfig that segfaults:
>> gprconfig without arguments segfaults
>> gprconfig --help does not
>> Attached is a gdb backtrace. Maybe you can see something from there.
> From the stack trace, this is not a segfault, it is an explicit raise
> of Constraint_Error in the parsing of the XML file describing the
> various compilers.  The parser expects an Integer (possibly preceded
> by a '-') but finds a character outside the range '0'.. '9'.
> So maybe the problem lies in the XML file.  I don't know which file
> is being parsed, or which XML entity, but from gdb you should be able
> to find out. 

Run 'gprconfig -v -v', that gives lots of detail on the parsing process.

Also run 'gprbuild -v'; that shows the exact gprconfig command that is
being run.

-- Stephe

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