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Re: Debian bug #673015 gprbuild: [hurd-i386] could not create $DIRECTORY//auto.cgpr

Svante Signell wrote:
Correction: It is gprconfig that segfaults:

gprconfig without arguments segfaults
gprconfig --help does not

Attached is a gdb backtrace. Maybe you can see something from there.

From the stack trace, this is not a segfault, it is an explicit raise
of Constraint_Error in the parsing of the XML file describing the
various compilers.  The parser expects an Integer (possibly preceded
by a '-') but finds a character outside the range '0'.. '9'.

So maybe the problem lies in the XML file.  I don't know which file
is being parsed, or which XML entity, but from gdb you should be able
to find out.  (Note that the XML files contain snippets of GPR
configuration files; it is possible that gprconfig is parsing one of
those snippets instead of the XML).  Also it seems that the XML files
differ between hurd-i386 and the other architectures; maybe there lies
the answer.

Ludovic Brenta.

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