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Re: How are system parameters entered into s-taprop.adb?

2012/3/29 Svante Signell <svante.signell@telia.com>:
>> You should really learn how Ada packages work :)
> It's on the TODO list, TTT (Things Take Time) :-)
> Looks like you have to scan several files to get an idea about package
> structures.
> One thing, still puzzling: .adb vs .ads files, what controls which ones
> does get compiled?
> Anyway, thanks for your replies!

*.ads files are specification files - they contain only specifications
of procedures, functions, interfaces, constants, tasks, etc. while
*.adb files are implementations of corresponding .ads file (ie.
some_package.adb is implementation of specification some_package.ads).
One can compare it to .h and .c files in C (though specifications in
Ada are much more important than in C).

PS: Ada is lady's name not some acronym ;)


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