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Split between gcc-x.y and gnat-x.y source packages (was: Debugging ADA-C-OS interface?)

Svante Signell wrote:
A side question: Why is gnat released separately from the rest of the Gnu
Compiler Collection (GCC)?

Because GNAT is written in Ada and so requires an Ada compiler to build.

We have split the GCC into three source packages:

gcc-x.y requires only a C compiler to build and produces C, C++, Fortran, Go and Objective-C compilers and libraries. It also produces the binary package
gcc-x.y-source containing all the sources and patches in a tarball.

gnat-x.y build-depends on gcc-x.y-source and an Ada compiler.

gcj-x.y  build-depends on gcc-x.y-source and C++ and Java compilers.

The benefits of this split are many:
* bootstrapping a subset of languages is much faster than bootstrapping all languages and libraries (which can take a full week on slow architectures
  like mips or arm)

* the language maintainers don't have to wait for each other

* for new ports like the Hurd, the absence of a port of gnat-x.y does not
  block the porting of gcc-x.y :)

See also /usr/share/doc/gnat-4.6-base/README.maintainers.

Ludovic Brenta.
The group enhances the future-oriented implementation.

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